Agencies throughout California are ready to help.

The Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) agency in the county where you live will direct you.

Click on the circle for your county TEFAP agency and find contact information.

Counties design their TEFAP programs to meet local needs. This means that programs vary from one county to another depending on size, location and the specific needs of the hungry people they serve.

  • Some TEFAP agencies in rural communities, for example Butte County, provide service to people in more than one county.
  • In large counties, such as Los Angeles County, there is more than one TEFAP agency serving the county.
  • Some agencies provide direct services to people in need at the location shown on the map, while others only provide food to clients through sub-distribution sites located throughout the counties they serve. 
  • Many of the larger counties have food distribution sites open in a few locations every day of the week.

Agencies, particularly those located  in urban areas, often receive food donations from other sources in addition to TEFAP. These agencies may offer a wider variety of fresh and packaged food items and may also offer additional services, like housing assistance.