Foodlink has forged strong partnerships with the most notable public and private leaders and donors in emergency food distribution. 

Our partners include the United States Department of agriculture  (USDA), the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) AND farmers and growers from across California.

We accept large food donations from these partners and then deliver that healthful, nutritious food to food banks across the entire State.

  • Statewide impact. Our range extends from the Oregon border to the farthest reaches of the Imperial Valley. We distribute food to our partner food banks, as recognized by CDSS, throughout California.
  • Financially self-supporting. We receive funding from government and private organizations and business partnerships. We pay our costs and invest the rest in the agencies we serve, providing equipment such as refrigeration and trucks so that these agencies may better serve the hungry.
  • Support not competition. Foodlink's mission is to assist food banks to feed the hungry in every geographical area of the State, not to compete with them.
  • No charge ever. The organizations we serve receive our services—food ordering, food storage, food handling and delivery and tailgate food distributions—free of charge. In turn, they distribute the food free of charge to the people they serve.
  • No food donation is too big. Our Donate, Don't Dump program, the first of its kind in the nation, has given agricultural and food industry players an opportunity to fight hunger by making major donations of fresh and perishable food. The food they donate helps keep people—children, seniors, the working poor—from going hungry.

Foodlink. We serve the food banks that feed California.™