Foodlink is on a mission to feed California's hungry by helping all food banks better serve their communities.

We work collaboratively to provide the exact operational support each food BANK needs.

We consider it a privilege to do this work and use every means available to deliver the best possible services.

We provide a comprehensive set of services—from food ordering, purchasing and receiving to food storage, repackaging, delivery and distribution. We coordinate the State's disaster food response in times of extraordinary emergencies when even the largest food banks require assistance. We continually evolve our programs and approaches based on what our food banks tell us they need

We make our decisions from a statewide perspective.

  • We create and manage programs especially designed to put the food banks first—we deliver what they want, when they want and how they want it.
  • We weigh each business decision we make against how much it helps our network of food banks provide more, faster and better hunger assistance services.
  • We do the right thing—even when the decision creates more work for Foodlink, and even when we need to find additional funding and resources to make it happen.

We treat each food bank, partner and person we serve as an honored guest.

Many cultures have special rituals to show respect for those who share a table. In those traditions, the best or finest foods are offered first to honored or senior guests.

We have a lot of stakeholders at our table: California's food banks, the California Department of Social Services, the United States Department of Agriculture and our many partners. We honor them by customizing our offerings and providing superior services that empower them to best serve the hungry. These are our honored guests—the people we will work to serve until the day they no longer need us. 

We work for the day that every Californian will have access to a secure supply of healthful, nutritious food.

Foodlink: First Feed the Hungry.™