Foodlink approaches the hunger problem the way we want society, government and business to do.

FIRST FEED THE HUNGRY.™ Do it Because NO ONE SHOULD GO HUNGRY. Do it because everyone should have access to nutritious food. DO it BECAUSE DOING ANYTHING LESS WOULD BE disgraceful.

This is the essence of what we do, and these facts about the work we do demonstrate our determination and level of commitment:

37 million pounds

Government commodities delivered in an average year

25 million pounds

Private food donations delivered  in average year

630,000 food boxes

Packed and delivered for the drought disaster since 2014

48 agencies

Food distribution agencies served (reaching all 58 California counties)

400,000 households

Served by our network at 2,300 food distribution sites throughout California.

15 major disasters

Number of declared disasters we have responded to since 1994.

FOODLINK: First feed the hungry.™