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The latest hunger report from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that food insecurity is more prevalent today than at any time since the breadlines of the Great Depression.

It is astounding that people living in the State of California, which feeds the rest of the nation, go hungry. It is unacceptable that the hunger problem in California, the eighth largest economy in the world, is worse than in 40 other states in the nation.

From our work with community-based organizations, we know one thing for sure: hunger exists everywhere in California. Everyday, Californians—families, children, seniors, the homeless—go hungry. This is as true for people in urban areas as it is in suburban and rural settings. In all likelihood, you know someone personally who goes hungry. Maybe it's your neighbor, or your child's playmate or a coworker's children. Maybe it's you who goes without so your children have food to eat. 

Regardless, hunger is painful. It affects people's mental acuity, and physical and emotional health. It puts someone who suffers hunger regularly at risk for illness, injury and learning disabilities. It prevents children from growing and developing properly. It makes it difficult for the elderly and homeless to care for themselves. 

At Foodlink, we believe our society should be better than this. If you agree, take action to learn more now. Getting educated about hunger and poverty issues is as simple as doing online research. You can start with these links: