Every dollar counts. Your dollar counts.

Each dollar you donate will go directly to helping us order, receive, store, handle and deliver food to food banks throughout California. 

When you give to California Emergency Foodlink, your donation helps us:

  • Buy fuel for the trucks we send to farmers to pick up donations of fresh produce and deliver it to a food bank somewhere near you.
  • Purchase food that supplements donated items, helping ensure households receive a proper, balanced food box even in winter when there is less fresh produce typically donated.
  • Defray our expenses for breaking bulk items into amounts suitable for families.
  • Support disaster response efforts when we bring on extra crews to pack food boxes and deliver them to the agencies distributing food to disaster victims.

There are THREE ways to make online payments, including one way to make a recurring monthly donation:



*We chose Stripe as our credit card processor because of the company's security features.



Recurring Donation Options

There are TWO other ways to make a donation:

  • MAIL-IN FORM—Print out a form and mail in your donation—we'll mail you a receipt. Download .doc file (requires a word processing application) or download .pdf file (requires Adobe Reader)
  • PHONE US—We will gladly accept your credit card if you call us at 1-800-283-9000.

However you donate, you can trust us to make the most of your gift because we:

  • Foodlink is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are qualified to accept, administer and disburse charitable gifts. Overseen by a Board of Directors, we administer all gifts in a business-like manner in accordance with the donor’s wishes.
  • Keep donations in California—Every gift is used to support a California food bank. Maybe the food banks needs food storage services because they are located in a rural California community and can't afford warehouse space. Or a food bank has no place to properly care for perishable food, so Foodlink makes a special trip to distribute it to needy families from the tailgate of a Foodlink truck.
  • Spend 100% of your donation to fighting hunger—Because all administrative costs of our program are absorbed by California Emergency Foodlink through grants and large corporate donations, every penny you donate goes directly to feeding families. None of your donation goes to fees or traditional overhead.
  • Extend the reach of your donation—Geographical boundaries don't know hunger. People do. Thanks to our unique model, we get food wherever it's most needed, anywhere throughout California.

Foodlink's efforts would not be possible without the generous support of the community. In 2013, our donors enabled us to alleviate hunger in California by distributing 45 million pounds of food – the equivalent of 37.5 million meals, of which 17.5 million pounds was fresh produce to more than 478,000 people.

Your monetary donations are tax deductible.

Our Tax ID/EIN: 68-0275330.